Storing doggie stuff

As anyone who travels with dogs knows, they are as bad as kids with all their stuff. Since our girls like to eat we had to find a storage area for their food and treats.  Under the kitchen counter on the dining room side was another infamous Keystone odd shaped cabinet. Deep and tall and useless!  So we measured then cut a very odd shaped shelf, stained it and installed with the small decorative bronze screws from Home Depot going outside to inside through thin walls into the support strips. Now we have a place for lots of dog food and for storing all kinds of canned and bottled drinks. Continue reading

Tackling the bath storage next

We noticed very soon that many RV owners had a problem with hanging towels in the bathroom. Ours was an easy fix.  We simply added a 3×14 inch poplar board stained to match the woodwork and placed 2 bronze double hooks from Home Depot on it. We placed this 6 in. down from the ceiling on the short wall beside the bath door and above the heat vent. Bingo – towels hang out of the way, within reach of the shower and dry easily before the next use. Continue reading

Adding “workable” solutions

We often work as we travel so adding devices like printers and cables to the desk area was necessary.  We opted for doors below the 32″ TV instead of the fireplace which provided a place for HP printer, scanner, copier to safely ride. Removing the back panel inside the area that Keystone put in to hide a couple wires opened the entire area.  Building another stained baltic birch shelf with sliding unit and Rockler wood cabinet slides

Continue reading

Filling the void!

One of the challenges of being a new Keystone owner is adapting all the empty storage spaces into usable ones. We quickly approached the pantry in the kitchen as our first task. How to transform this area with deep trapazoidal shaped spaces into something efficient was the challenge. So we began by measuring all 4 sides inside. Then we built shelves using 3/8 in. baltic birch (easy to stain).  In the tall center area we went one step beyond and built a sliding drawer using Rockler wood cabinet glides under it to provide stable,  accessible storage for canned goods. For each shelf support we attached 1/2×3/4 in. wood strips through the thin side walls using small decorative bronze screws from Home Depot. The Bronze color matches all the other hardware in our unit so is not noticable.  On the inside of the right hand doors we built small 6 in. wide boxes with slatted fronts to hold all the boxes of ziplock bags, foil, and plastic wrap that RVers use. Couldn’t do the left side as Keystone’s design for decorative trim on the slide prevents the doors from fully opening with the kitchen slide open. Another aw shucks moment!

In the top cabinet we placed a double wire rack from Home Depot on left side wall with plastic clips that allows for storage containers to ride above the rest of items for easy access.

Heading West

It’s a new year and we are planning our first out-of-state trip with our new 2012 F250 and 2011 Mountaineer 5th wheel.  We purchased the 324 RLQ floorplan as it provides the best arrangement for relaxing and working with the built-in desk area and rear living room. After adding some custom shelves into the pantry and cabinets we now have lots of space to store the needed items for work and traveling. In a later post we will show some of our additions. We did our shakedown trip in November and found a few minor items that are being fixed at the dealership.  Next we are off  to Pomona, CA so we can work for a week or so in February. Part of the fun is always planning the trip so our maps are out and we are checking on RV stops along the way. Our plans are to take the southern route since weather can be an issue this time of the year.  Need to be sure and take plenty of dog food as the girls will not want to miss a meal!  We also have several meals prepared to ease the overnight stops and still provide good suppers for humans quickly.