Our Stop in Pagosa Springs

Sunday we drove from Taos to 10 miles south of Pagosa Springs. Our destination is a small place between the Blanco River and a few small mountains. Was called Acres Green but they are changing the name to Pagosa Springs RV.  We hope it will be cooler here as Colorado is having a heat wave and temps get up into the 90s mid day.  We backed into our spot #5 and have a lovely big blue spruce outside our rear window and behind that is a tall mountain.  Green grass everywhere that is mowed and weed free, the girls love rolling out here.  After a good 2 hour nap for us all we went out and sat to enjoy the evening breeze and views  and have a cocktail. We even had a view of a perfect rainbow over the mountains to the northeast of us.  They sure need the rain in this state as there are several big fires burning. Hopefully our path will take us by all this and into cooler, wetter climes.

Tuesday we drove into Pagosa Springs for a few groceries, mail 2 letters, get diesel, and eat lunch.  What a great place we discovered just on the west side of town on Hwy 160.  It is Nello’s Bistro and they make the best BLT club sandwich you ever ate. They use thick sliced Applewood bacon, lots of fresh tomatoes, avocado and green leaf lettuce on fresh baked whole wheat toast.  Served with fresh strawberries and pineapple or french fries, Yum!  They are in the corner of the shopping center and have a nice outdoor patio with lots of pretty flowers.  They are very near the Pagosa Springs Resort area so I imagine they have lots of people in and out. Be sure to look them up if you come this way.

Interesting people along the way!

While we are camped at Monte Bello we noticed a large pot outside one unit.  The gardener is a attractive young woman who works while on the road. She designs web sites and decided a couple years ago it was foolish to keep moving from one house to another so bought a new bumper pull trailer and now is able to move from one neat place to another 2-3 times a year and earn a living. The pot contains her herb garden and is beautiful. She even offered to share with us.

The next day a huge rig pulled in.  It was a 28 ft. cargo trailer pulled by a 49 ft. custom diesel Freightliner with living space.  The 28 ft. is the garage for a car and 3 motocycles with workbench and tool boxes. That makes a rig that is 77 ft.long total. Wow! The young man is a construction project manager and he takes his rig to the job area where he lives until the job is done then moves on. He heads to Denver from here for his next job. Obviously he can afford to do this and seems like a nice young man in his early 40s. It is refreshing to meet such nice people who have adapted their lifestyle to suit their careers.



Doggie paradise

One of the best things about traveling with two dogs is the opportunity we have to let them run free.  City dogs don’t get to do this as they must always be on a leash when out and about.  As we packed the rig to leave home, this is how they supervised and you can see they are making sure we have all their stuff.  Needed 45 lbs of food since they eat Petsmart Brand and may not be a lot of these stores around, then leashes, crates, dog bones and toys. At the campground in Lubbock they got to run free in a big field behind and both chased rabbits everywhere.  They sure were quiet the rest the day. Then in Taos there is a mile long circle cut through the sagebrush high desert.  So The Pack Leader takes them on a long walk each morning and turns them loose to chase each other and the quail. Here is a small video to show how hard basenjis play!  Click on this link to see the short video.  dogs in Taos

On the Road Again…

Well, we finally wrapped up all of our “home work” and were able to make plans for another special journey.  This time we are planning to actually stay just below the US/Canadian border and cross from west to east taking our time and enjoying what we find.  Since we are leaving in mid June our plan is to miss most of the hot Texas summer and enjoy staying in cooler places. We left the Dallas area with elevation of 450 ft and drove uphill the first day to Lubbock with elevation of 3256 ft.  We stayed at the Lubbock RV Park across from the Lubbock airport.  Not a new place and needs some love and maintenance but did have 50 amps and we knew we needed air conditioning.  Amazing enough it was quiet and we got a good night’s sleep and were on the road early the next day.

Second day was another long driving day with the route taking us across to Clovis, Fort Sumner and up to Santa Rosa, NM.  We ate lunch in a historic place called Route 66 Restaurant and had a good meal before heading northwest to Taos. Drove on Highway 518 from Las Vegas through the Mora Valley and over Truchas Pass with elevation of over 9500 ft.  The truck just kept on going like it knew what to do wiht the load. We stopped for a short break and nap about 40 miles from Taos near an irrigation ditch and it was 71 degrees at 3:30 PM so we knew we headed the right direction.  There are alpaca farms, sheep & cattle ranches and many adobe brick ruins scattered along this highway.  On September 28, 1835 Governor Albino Pérez, the governor of the New Mexico Territory, gave land title in the Mexican Land Grant for over 800,000 acres (3,200 km²) to some 25 families. Much of this area was destroyed in 1848 by American troops after an uprising so not a lot of permanent buildings are here now.  There were a few guest ranches along the little mountain streams but most of the buildings are very old adobe with wood or tin roofs. The population of the entire county was 4881 in 2010 so not a lot of people here even now.  The Mora Valley Spinning Mill is a premium quality, semi-worsted spinning mill and is located in Mora where many locals bring their fiber to be processed.  This is a big carding reel that fills a room..

As we neared Taos we passed the campus of SMU in Taos where many students come to study during the summer months. We then entered the city of Taos on the south end and worked our way north up the narrow 2 lane Paseo Norte through all the tourist traffic so we could access Hwy 64 on the north side of town.  The elevation of Taos is 6967 ft so we had climbed another hill to get here. We had already planned to stay at Monte Bello RV so were glad to see it appear about 5PM.  This RV park is small, only 22 sites, and owned by a nice, retired military couple.  We checked in and took our place on the north side with a good view of Mt. Wheeler near Taos Ski Area. Notice there is no snow up there right now. That night the temperature dropped to 53 degrees which was good to not have to run the air condititoner.  But about noon the breeze comes up and it warms to 85 or so.  Love this weather!  We are only 4-5 miles from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and we can see hot air balloons rising over there.

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, locally known as the “Gorge Bridge” and the “High Bridge,” is a cantilever truss bridge across the Rio Grande Gorge 10 miles northwest of Taos, NM. At 650 feet above the Rio Grande, it is the fifth highest bridge in the United States. The span is 1,280 feet : two 300-foot-long approach spans with a 600-foot-long main center span. The bridge was dedicated on September 10, 1965 and is a part of U.S. Rte 64, a major east-west road.

In 1966 the American Institute of Steel Construction awarded the bridge “Most Beautiful Steel Bridge” in the “Long Span” category. The bridge has appeared in several films, including Natural Born Killers, Twins, She’s Having a Baby, Wild Hogs and Terminator Salvation.  And it is a pretty bridge as you can see here. When we leave here Sunday morning we will travel over this bridge.

New chairs and doors

Before we set out again we needed to make a few changes.  First thing we did was move the heavy Keystone recliners into the house and replace them with some great Stressless recliners in Chocolate leather.  Ordered the medium and small and they fit within the slide area just perfect.  Much lighter to move each stop and actually provides some extra seating with the separate ottomans. See our improved seating here!

Now we just have to find time to sit down and relax!

The second thing we did was order two cabinet doors and matching hardware from Keystone then added them to the cabinets to provide better access to the lower kitchen sink area and upper side pantry area.  Makes a roadside stopover for lunch easy and looks like they were always here. Check them out!