A Little Slice of Heaven

On Tuesday the guys drove up past Riggins, ID to pick up the neighbors who had been on a rafting trip down the Salmon River.  On the way they visited White Bird, ID which is the site of the Nez Perce Indian Battleground.  At this site they actually defeated the US Calvary, setting off the Nez Perce Indian Wars which subsequently lasted four years.  The Battle of White Bird Canyon was a U.S. military fiasco that Captain David Perry of the 1st Cavalry said was “scarcely exceeded by the magnitude of the Custer Massacre in proportion to the numbers engaged.” On the Army side, 34 men had died; on the Indian side, nobody was killed and only three warriors were wounded.  Perry, to his credit, had kept his troops from being annihilated, but unlike Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, Perry had to live with his defeat and an Indian war that could have been prevented.  Read more about this battle at: http://www.historynet.com/the-battle-of-white-bird-canyon-first-fight-of-the-nez-perce.htm

After they left the campground they stopped at a vegetable stand by the side of the road.  Inside they discovered a real treasure, Huckleberry Pie.  Here is a picture of how to enjoy this treat with a dip of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla brought from home.  Last time we had eaten this was near Glacier National Park about 3 years ago and vowed to search until we could eat it again.  The huckleberry is the state fruit of Idaho and is just now coming into its short season. They grow on bushes in the mountains at about 5-7000 ft elevation. They will have Huckleberry festivals all over the northwestern states by mid August.  One here in Donnelly will be held on August 11-12 provided there are any left after we get our fill.  Tastes a little like blueberries but is smaller and a bit more flavorful or tart.  Makes great pies, wines, jellies and syrups and we will purchase some for future enjoyment!  We bought some jars of Huckleberry jam at the Trading Poston Hwy 55 in Donnelly and even got a jar of the pie filling for a do-it-yourself pie later down the road.

When the guys returned we had a dinner of BBQ grilled chicken, fresh green beans and potato salad on the deck overlooking the lake then topped it off with Huckleberry Pie.  Another perfect day.

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