A Lovely Day at Lake Buchanan

We headed west on Hwy 22 to Lampasas then headed south on 281 to Burnet and over to Lake Buchanan.  On the way there is a really neat rest area that looks like this.  When we were here a few years ago, this area was flooding badly.  How things change, with all the recent rains this lake is still about 7 feet low!  Lake Buchanan was formed by the construction of Buchanan Dam by the Lower Colorado River Authority to provide a water supply for the region and to provide hydroelectric power. Buchanan Dam, a structure over 2 mi (3.2 km) in length, was completed in 1939. Lake Buchanan was the first of the Texas Highland Lakes to be formed, and with 22,333 acres (34.9 sq mi; 90.4 km2) of surface water, it is also the largest. The surface of the lake includes area in both Burnet County and Llano County. The lake is west of the city of Burnet, Texas.  We drove back to Big Chief RV Park where we had stayed last spring.  It is not the greatest due to the unlevel sites and many patches of clover and weeds but they had a spot and we could have a place to walk the dogs along the lakeshore.  This is when the girls decided to say “Oh, lovely day” as they found a dead catfish to roll in and lots of wet, sandy beach!  Of course the Mother of the Pack said “Oh No, you are not coming back in this house” and proceeded to give both Basenjis a good bath in the shower.  Ever bathe a Basenji?  Lots of struggling and trying to escape but I was bigger than they were so I won!   Another thing we enjoy about this area is the great food at Tamale King on Hwy 29 near Kingsland. They serve New Mexico style meals and tamales and have been doing a great job since 2002. We met a couple for dinner that night who used to work with the Leader years ago and they retired to this area of Texas.  A brief vist with them and then ready to roll the next morning to Kerrville.

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