Another Ford Vacation!

After leaving Camp Verde on Thursday we headed toward Boerne to check at Tweety’s RV Store for some guards to attach to the rear bumper of the truck and protect the front of the 5th wheel.  As we drove that way we had a signal on the dash telling us of another Diesel Emission Fault.  Since this is the 4-5th time this has occurred we knew that we would soon be shut down to 50 MPH and we needed to get to a Ford Dealer Service department. So after turning back toward Kerrville and calling the Ford Service number we ended up at Ken Stoepel Ford.  The techs there were very helpful and knowledgable and already been talking to the main Ford service number and knew we were coming.  Seems as if what is important is to find techs who regularly work on diesel engines and since this is a smaller town located in an area of large ranches, there are many big trucks in the area.  They went right to work and within 3-4 hours had checked the system, replaced the NOX sensor and reprogrammed the software. Hopefully it is fixed.  Seems as if this problem has occurred on Ford, Chevy and BMW engines and has something to do with all anti-smog devices required by the EPA.  So once again we spent hours of our trip at a Ford dealer, hence the Ford Vacation!

1 thought on “Another Ford Vacation!

  1. Yep, I was right. Stoeples had seven diesel mechanics and North Central Ford had one!

    Stoeple fixed it on the spot and never a recurrence. Thirty days later Ford issued a recall on the darn thing!

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