Best Laid Plans…

As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, and our plans did go astray after leaving Deming on Thursday morning.  We planned to go to Balmorhea State Park for a night or two. This Texas State Park is located on 45.9 acres in the foothills of the Davis Mountains southwest of Balmorhea in Reeves County. Built by the CCC in the early 1930s, the park was deeded in 1934 by private owners and Reeves County Water Improvement District No. 1.  The park was opened in 1968. The main  feature of the park is the 1.75 acre freshwater pool built around the springs. The spring has a constant flow of 22 to 28 million US gallons a day so no chlorination is required. The water temperature ranges from 72 to 76 °F and up to 30 feet deep. The pool is used for both swimming and scuba diving. San Solomon Springs has provided water for travelers for thousands of years.  Artifacts indicate Indians used the spring extensively before white men came to the area. In 1849, the springs were called Mescalero Springs for the Mescalero Apache Indians who watered their horses along its banks. The present name was given by the first settlers, Mexican farmers who used the water for their crops and hand-dug the first irrigation canals.

As we passed through El Paso we called for reservations. Driving on towards Van Horn, TX we stopped at another great rest area for lunch and nap. We enjoy putting the slide out and being in a clean, quiet place. When we hit the road again we soon had another infamous Ford DEF fault signal, same as the one heading west when no one could find a problem in Mesa. So we were on the phone with Ford again.  They even planned to come get us and tow us to nearest service dealer – back in El Paso.  We decided that was not a good plan especially with 2 Basenjis and a 36 ft 5th wheel hooked behind the truck so we pulled off into a Love parking lot and idled while we are on the phone. The signal went out and they said we could drive on safely. So big change of plans – drive as far as we could until dark.  We ended up in Big Spring, TX at the Texas RV Park of Big Spring and had a good nights rest.  Next day would be a comfortable drive into Dallas.

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