Busy week doing the Idaho Thing

Most of the week was spent doing the Idaho thing.  Fishing on the lake in a great boat from 6 AM -2 PM took a lot of time.  Then a nap was required.  Some people just liked to sail quietly around and they had the best breeze.

Then many trips back and forth into McCall for groceries at Ridley’s, hardware from May’s, lumber from ProBuild, and various other things for repairs and updates around the campsite.  We actually built two workbenches inside the shed which was moved to new location last week.  Then repainted the outside and trim.  While in McCall we ate lunch at a place called McCall Brewing Company on 3rd St. and they had some really good potato skins and burgers. But they are pricey so order only what you will eat and the portions are large.
We were also busy doing our updates and all of the parts we ordered were delivered to us at this location by UPS out of Boise. We are building a pull out shelf in the basement to make it easier to set the Honda generator outside when needed to run for power. Had to order the Accuglide slides and brackets and then cut the plywood & stain it. The Honda weighs 123# so is not easy to heft around and not safe to run it inside the basement. And we finally got the replacement leaf for our dining table.  Seems as if the original split several months ago and was replaced in warranty by Keystone. So once we have it drilled and installed, our table will be like new.

One neat thing they have in McCall is Pedestrian flags.  Huh, you say!  There are corners all over downtown (and in Donnelly, pop. 158) where the orange flags are mounted.  You are supposed to take one as you cross the street to keep anyone from running over you.  Check this out!  Apparently this is a popular thing out west as many cities do it.  Kinda neat and does seem to raise awareness in areas where a lot of people walk. And McCall is a busy place with lots of kids, bikes, strollers and adults.

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