Camp Verde General Store

On Thursday we drove southeast of Kerrville about 23 miles to Hwy 173 go to lunch at Camp Verde General Store.  What a great place with a neat history.  In March 1855 Congress approved a bill to secure camels from the Mideast to use for army transportation and military purposes. The first shipment of 33 camels arrived in 1856 and accompanied by 4 native drivers, they arrived at Camp Verde in August 1856. The second load of 40 camels arrived in 1857. The third shipment, used as a cover for slave importation was turned loose to range the coastal country. At the outbreak of the Civil War 53 camels were at Camp Verde which soon passed into Confederate hands. In 1865 the fort with 100 camels was recaptured by the US.  After the war money was needed for reconstruction so the camel project and Camp Verde was deactivated in 1869. Now this location and surrounding area is a peaceful, delightful place to have a good lunch at reasonable prices.

You can shop while waiting for your table and camels are everywhere in the store. They are adding onto the original stone building and soon will have more space for your dining pleasure.  Outside there are gardens, a swing and patios as well as some beautiful restrooms. Plan a day trip to this place and enjoy!

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