Dogs in – Bugs out

After many months of looking for any option that would protect the screen door from 2 Basenjis on guard and keep bugs out and allow breezes in, we finally solved the problem. We bought a 30 inch white screen door guard from Home Depot.  By turning it sideways and some careful measuring, Handy Hubby was able to cut it with tin snips and a hack saw then use the remaining parts to effectively install a nice looking grid with screws on the lower part of the entry door. The first picture shows a closeup of the installation from the inside and the second picture shows the completed project from the outside.  Looks nice and the girls approve every time other dogs pass by and do not tear the door off. Seems like this would be a good market for someone to address as I know we are not the only RV owners with dogs who look out the door. But there sure was nothing we could find that was durable and fit our door.  Some used part of a baby gate – too narrow for our door and some used plexiglass – no breeze.

2 thoughts on “Dogs in – Bugs out

  1. Wow, it looks like part of the door!!!, Okay, let’s start them in production! And I will travel to all the RV shows, and sell them from our booth!!! Hurry home so we can get started…..:)

    • You are so funny – wish you were here, this park is packed for Spring Break and lots of dogs with their owners so we could sell about 40 this weekend!

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