Driving up and into Donnelly, ID

We drove up to Donnelly on Hwy 55 about 10 AM on Thursday, July 5, 2012.  We supposedly missed the heavy traffic by doing it Thursday and not Friday as this is all recreational areas with lakes, rivers and campgrounds. The Payette River runs along the highway and really is a beautiful river, wild with rapids in places and wide in others.  Part of the road passes through what they call “Cardiac Canyon” and it is a real RV driving experience!  Our friend who lives here says they train rafters here for the Nationals and I would not want to take the trip down river as it is really rough.  Check out this short video to see what I mean:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ApZHQEMGvc

When we arrived we had to back into their place about 500 yards down a narrow winding dirt road so we would be facing the right direction for shade, view and hookups.  The Pack Leader did a manly job of this so we gave him an Atta Boy.  Once landed we could look out our back window at this view!   We are overlooking Lake Cascade which is a reservoir and surrounded by resorts, campgrounds, homes and forest land.  Donnelly is a small town at the intersection of two roads for lake access.  There is a large resort development up the hill that has gone bust due to the financial crunch at the Banks in US and Europe. Called Tamarack Resort, the plan for it was huge and well done with many expensive homes in the $1-$3 mil range sitting empty (a few summer residents) and a golf course and ski slopes.  It even hosted George and Laura a few years ago for a vacation. Temperatures here are about 10 degrees cooler than Boise and this whole part of the country is having unusally hot weather. But even so there is still snow on the mountains behind us and across the lake.

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