Driving with Norman the Garmin

Monday morning the Leader had recovered sufficiently to hit the road again.  So we set out from Dickinson, ND on I-94 heading east.  Our trip took us past so many fields of corn and soybeans that I cannot imagine anyone not having plenty of ethanol or soy sauce for the next year!  Honestly there is no way to describe the distances these fields cover.  Apparently there has been enough moisture this year for them all to do well.  There was a freaky cold snap in late May that had a lot of hail but apparently it did not damage the crops.   We rode along enjoying the Sirius radio and chatting!  We had plotted our course to stay in a COE campground near Valley City on Lake Ashtabula.  Lake Ashtabula is located 12 miles northwest of Valley City, ND, and is situated in one of the most scenic river valleys in the region.  Now here is where it gets interesting!  Norman, the Garmin, was in charge and he has already proved unreliable on at least one other occasion.  We named him Norman after Billy Crystal’s calf in the movie City Slickers.  About 5 PM he routed us off road and we began to drive on gravel roads through corn fields and past soybeans.  We could not see out as the corn is so tall so we trusted him.  When we ended up in a farmers turn row we decided it “was not right.” (Like Willie Nelson’s song about Brokeback Mountain!)  So we waved some workers down who were coming our way in a pickup towing farm equipment.  They set us on the right path and about 6 PM we arrived at Eggert’s Landing.  Now this story has a happy ending, as we settled into spot #28 which was back-in and had the whole campground area to ourselves.  Wonderful wooded spot with huge trees and lots of shrubbery to separate us from the absentee neighbors.  All 36 spots are reserved for the weekends so we are glad we missed that.  And the best part is it only cost $11.  COE spots are usually nice but only electric hookups.  It was a good night and we enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Next morning we had a good outdoor breakfast.  Definitely a place to return to but only Monday through Thursday and if we do, it will be straight up Hwy 21 from Valley City, not following Norman’s route!

2 thoughts on “Driving with Norman the Garmin

  1. I think y’all better head home. I keep reading about all these buffets, steak & frys,
    stew & cornbread with Blue Bell ice cream…….You’re gonna get so fat you won’t be able to get in your RV. LOL! Really I’m so proud of you guys and wish I was there with you.
    Signed: A former fat boy (Brillo)

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