Events leading to our departure from Provo…

As we pulled out of Provo onto I-15N,a guy passed us making lots of hand signs. So we pulled over and looked all around the outside to see what we forgot to do!  We couldn’t see anything so resumed the journey only to have another guy pull up on our passenger side and motion to say we had something wrong with a tire. So we pulled over again and he stopped to show us we had a huge bubble inside the right front trailer tire.  So we carefully inched off the freeway at the next exit in 9 AM traffic into a Park & Ride lot on the west side service road in Draper, UT near a prison and called AAA.  About 20-30 minutes later a nice young man arrived only to discover he did not have a jack big enough to lift us.  So after a quick call to the nearest Discount Tire we decided to carefully proceed to their location 2 miles away but not using the freeway.  The AAA guy led us slowly onto service roads and neighborhood streets in the Draper area just south of Salt Lake City.  We arrived and worked our way  beside the store to park and service reps came out to assess the tire damage.  Seems as if we had avoided a blowout and lots of potential damage due to the alerts from the two young men! Thanks guys fro taking care of the old folks! Only one other tire like ours in the whole northern Utah area so they sent for it!  We have Goodyear Marathon tires on 16 inch wheels which are the proper tire for our load (according to the Discount Tire Man) so must have damaged it sometime in the past by going over curbs or a large rock.  Marathon tires are designed for trailer use and  “On the outside, the Marathon Radial features a rounded profile to enhance ride quality, and a symmetric tread design with a solid center rib to provide constant rubber-to-road contact that delivers dependable highway stability, traction and long lasting wear. Internally, the Marathon Radial features twin steel belts (with selected sizes reinforced with nylon cap plies) that stabilize the tread to increase traction and durability. The Marathon Radial features a polyester cord body to help smooth out the trailer’s ride.”   In the meantime we walked across Minuteman Rd. for lunch at La Hacienda Cantina.  Good food and generous portions.  When we came back they were working on us and soon had us ready to roll.  We then worked our way up the road to a service station to get diesel.  We were too long to turn in since it was built for little foreign cars so we had to pull into a vacant parking lot, unhook, fuel up, then come back, hook up and then leave. Whew!  What a morning!  So by about 1:30 PM we resumed our escape from Utah heading up I-215 to I-84 towards Heyburn, ID.

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