First weekend in Donnelly

Buddy Tom has a boat so Pack Leader and Buddy decided to fish on Saturday and Sunday.  Seems as if Cabelas has placed some fish in the lakes up here with tags for prizes!  Top prize is $1mil and they were in pursuit of this tag which had to be found by July 9, 2012.  By Sunday evening they had caught 5 nice trout but no tags.  Oh well, everyone will enjoy their trout dinner and the guys enjoyed the fishing trip.

On the trip up here we traveled some rough roads and in the process 2 of our pantry doors popped open and discharged a few items onto the floor behind the slide.  We noted the problem and retrieved the items, but missed a small clamp so when we opened the slide the clamp was crushed and damaged the vinyl floor.  A very careful repair was made and can hardly see it.  But now we must prepare some guards to attach to the handles each time we prepare for departure.  Always something to challenge our ingenuity!  Guess we will use some of the infamous little bungee cords from Walmart!

Monday was quiet day as the guys were tired from all their fishing.  Rested in the morning and plotted the relocation of a large storage shed behind Tom & Katherine’s unit.  It has been there about 10 years but seriously impedes the easy turning required of their new Cameo 5th wheel when landing next to the big deck.   So after much walking and talking, we decided to go into McCall and purchase some round timbers to serve as rollers.  And we drove up to Ponderosa State Park to get a shot from the prime overlook of the entire Payette Lake area.  What a beautiful place!

While in McCall we went into Ridley’s Supermarket for a few groceries.  Then back home to begin the moving task.  With the use of a John Deere lawn tractor and the timbers, the 10×12 shed now resides about 30 ft away and in better spot.  As we finished a wonderful rain shower came over and quickly turned into a small hailstorm but cooled us off.  After that we were all too tired to cook so drove into McCall for dinner at Chapalas Mexican.  Service was slow and disorganized but food was perfect.  They are a chain here in Idaho and this was an unusual event as their food is always good.  Must be recovering from the busy 4th weekend crowds!

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