Getting Nearer to Big D

From Junction we let the Garmin take us on a path northeast heading to Lake Whitney State Park.  We stopped in Brady to pick up some groceries at Wal Mart since we knew where it was and had been there before.  Then continued on through Brownwood and stopped for lunch at a picnic area in Early.  Then we passed through Dublin, former home of the world’s oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant.  The plant was for many years the only U.S. source for Dr Pepper made with real cane sugar (from Texas-based Imperial Sugar), instead of less expensive high fructose corn syrup.  Contractual requirements limit the plant’s distribution range to a 40-mile radius of Dublin, an area encompassing Stephenville, Tolar, Comanche and Hico.  No Mas! Seems as if a recent lawsuit changed all that.  Check it out:

Dublin was also home of golfer Ben Hogan, who was born on August 13, 1912.  Hogan lived in Dublin until 1921, when he and his family relocated to Fort Worth.

We worked our way past the Koffee Kup in Hico and did not stop for a piece of their famous pie. The coconut pie comes with about 3-4 inches of meringue and is so tall you can not see over it!  This may have been a first for us!  But we are trying to be good to ourselves and it would have been a challenge to find a place to park when you are about 55 ft long!  So we saved our $5 per piece and drove onward!

We arrived at Lake Whitney about 3:30 PM in time to check in and get parked.  Absolutely a great place to camp!  Spot #31 was a bit unlevel as we had to use 2 blocks to get the front up, but spot is wide, has table and fire ring, trees for shade and we face the woods and wild area.  Then after supper we drove round the park.  They have over 200 spots in here to serve tents, trailers, even have some great screen shelters.  Fishing, boat ramps (the lake has water in it) and lots of wildlife!  That is when we discovered what a natural hunter our little Maggie is.  We saw several white tail deer as we drove around about 20 minutes before sundown.  Maggie also spotted them and at one point could not stand it any longer so jumped out the right rear passenger window and took off in hot pursuit into the woods after a doe.  That is about a 4 ft jump and she never even slowed down.  She did circle back and we retrieved her, she was barely breathing hard.  What a warrior princess!  Guess we have to keep the windows partially up in the future.  The next evening we spotted a really large wild turkey gobbler as he headed into the woods.  The biggest we’d seen with the longest beard.  Supposedly three or more of them here in this protected area.  What a neat place, we will come back here

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