Gila Bend Sweet Spot

We arrived at this great spot Monday about 3PM. Called Augie’s Quail Trail RV it is on the old Butterfield Trail stage route. We are actually in the Sonoran desert this time. We have a wide level spot with full hookups and great views out back of forever.

They have a great clubhouse, showers and laundry area. 

Up by the office they have a nicely landscaped area with century plants in bud.


Near the front area are the ruins of an old mercantile store. Someone needs to resurrect this as there is not much around for any shopping.   Oddly enough there is not even a grocery store in this town except for the Dollar Store.

Gila Bend is the site of 3 new solar power construction sites being built for Arizona Public Service.  Supposedly over 1,000 workers will be in the area to work these jobs.  West of town, 3 square miles of land are being cleared for the Solana Project.  Abengoa Solar of Spain is using a variety of contractors, including Kitchell Corp.,  Sundt Construction and R.E. Monks Construction Co.  Soon, large, curved mirrors resembling oversize livestock water troughs will begin arriving on the site from a factory in Surprise, with other equipment coming from New Mexico. The hardware that will hold the mirrors has been placed in the ground. That hardware gets so hot in the sun that workers use lights and conduct much of the labor after dark.  Solana’s mirrors will concentrate sunlight on tubes filled with oil, and the hot oil will be used to make steam, spinning a turbine and generating electricity much like natural-gas or coal-fired power plants.  Large tanks of salt will store heat after dark, letting the plant generate electricity in the early evening, when it is in highest demand in the Phoenix  area. That gives the plant a significant advantage over traditional solar panels that don’t make electricity without direct sunlight.  Gila Bend has extremely hot summers with highest temperatures recorded for the state of Arizona, and temperatures at or exceeding 110°F (41°C) are the norm for the entirety of summer as well as the beginning of September.  The all time highest recorded temperature in Gila Bend is 122°F (50°C), which occurred on June 26, 1990 and again on July 28, 1995.

Most of the people here are from somewhere north.  They come here and spend 3-5 months basking in the sunshine then head to cooler climes when the heat rises.  It is quiet and a great place to work on some of our office projects.  Since we have the Verizon wirecard we can access internet and email and with our Direct dish we have good TV as well.


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