Heading back to Texas

Wednesday we headed back to Texas.  After hooking up, we went to the Truck Stop here in Gila Bend and used their scales to weigh our whole rig for the first time. Weighed just over 21,000 lbs. so that told us we needed to cast off a few unused items when we get home.  The F-250 does not know or care about the load but will help on fuel mileage. Still getting an average of 11.7 mpg so we are pleased.  After we got back onto I-10 we drove toward Deming, NM.  We stopped at a rest stop near the border which is near Cochise’s Stronghold. Having watched many western movies all these years I recognized the large boulders as a place the Indians always waited to pounce on the cowboys.  What a great place for a rest area! 

The whole area south of here is where the Apaches lived and has a lot more grass than the rest of the area so can see why they stayed here so many years.  There are small trees actually growing amidst the rocks!  Made a great place to exercise the girls by walking up and down the hills. And they had lots to sniff here.

After the break we drove on into Deming and planned to stop at Low Hi RV but it was a bit far south and off the beaten path so ended up at 81 Palms again!  Had a steak dinner at the Ranchers Grill as a break from home cooking with some fellow rvers from Missouri on their way to Mesa, AZ.

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