Heading into Canada

Tuesday, September 11, on the way up Hwy 95 from Bangor we realized our registrations on the truck and trailer had expired in August and September so a quick call back home and on-line contact with our insurance provider who emailed us proof of insurance resolved that.  Best Neighbor Ben took the 2 forms which he retrieved from our mail and got new stickers then emailed them to us so we could print a page while sitting at the Maine Visitor Center in Houlton.  Isn’t technology wonderful?  Ben then Fed Ex’d our new state registration stickers to friends in Bangor, Maine.  Now if we can get back to the USA w/o incident we’re home free.

We also had an RV lunch while sitting there.  Now we were prepared in case customs or Canadian Highway Patrol stopped us.  We entered Canada through customs at Houlton, ME.  We had anticipated this event by unloading all our “goodies” and leaving them with Maine friends.  When we passed through the Canadian agent asked if we had anything like guns, mace, pepper spray etc.  He knew we were from Texas so suspected we would have some of this.  Did not even enter the RV, asked if the dogs had vaccinations (“yes” we said) then after asking about guns the second time said have a good trip.  A non event after all the hype we’d read about.

After that we drove to the Canadian Visitor Center just inside the border.  Got some good maps and info and then drove into Woodstock and up to Hartland, NB.  Here we saw the world’s longest covered bridge which is 1282 feet long and built in 1901.  It is a one lane bridge so we drove across it and then turned around and then drove back and into Woodstock about 25 miles south.  We made it to our destination for the night which was Cosy Cabins Motel and Campground on Hwy 114.  What a great view as we actually looked across the Saint John River from our back window.  The campground lacks charm as most up here do, but the view was a plus.  Our girls had to share some covers as it was cooling off outside. Then we had a quick dinner and fell into bed trying to adjust to passing into the Atlantic Time Zone and losing another hour.  Now we have been in all time zones on the North American continent!

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