Hopewell Rocks, the Tide & Stinky Basenjis

The next day dawned clear but then we had a slight delay as the Traveling Basenjis discovered a Canadian Critter called Striped Skunk or Civet Cat.  The Leader had opened the door at first light for their outing and they promptly rushed headlong into a BIG STINK!  So our day started with baths for both girls (and for the record they still hate baths!) Apparently Maggie was the leader in this attack as she got a lot more of the stink than Tia.  Wish we had known about this mixture to use:  Mix 3 oz hydrogen peroxide with couple tablespoons baking soda and couple teaspoons dish soap.  Wash them down and leave on for 5 minutes then rinse well. We just used doggie shampoo. Once we got them dry and ate our breakfast, we left for Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park which was close by.

We wanted to be there in order to catch the high tide about 10 AM.  Hopewell Rocks is the location where the highest tides in North America are seen.  Actually all of the Bay of Fundy experiences these tides but at Hopewell Rocks you can actually walk on the ocean floor around the Flowerpot Rocks at low tide and that was our goal.  The time span between low and high tide is 6 hours and 13 minutes.  The high tide came in and we got pictures then left the park to drive over to Alma, NB, a small harbor town with lobster boats, inns, B&Bs, and small restaurants.  It is also the home of Kathy’s Bake Shop, home of the finest sticky buns (a large cinnamon bun) in New Brunswick.  Of course we had to purchase two of them for our next breakfast.  We found a place for a quick lobster lunch (Collin’s Lobster Store, not very good since fall/winter lobster season does not open until October 15th so lobsters are not “fresh”) and saw the lobster boats sitting up and waiting for the tide to come back in.  Then we headed back to Hopewell for low tide by about 4 PM.  When we walked out on the viewing platform, we were amazed!  It actually is true about the tides and we did go on down and walk in the area that a few hours before was under about 35 feet of ocean.  Nature is amazing!  Back to the RV to do some laundry after the stinky episode and fix dinner then to bed for us all.

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