How about Minnesota with Sophia Patrillo?

We drove toward our destination of Detroit Lakes, MN and talked about the fact that there really is a Saint Olaf in Minnesota but was out of the way for us to visit and knew we would not find Rose Nyland there anyway.  But all of a sudden in the words of Sophia Patrillo from the Golden Girls “Picture this – the year is 2012 and everywhere you see peaceful valleys and fields of yellow grain or green corn.  Suddenly on the road ahead of us we noticed several large RVs slowing to turn off the narrow two lane road.”  In the clearing to the right and left we see 100s of RVs of every size and description pulling in to park on some farm turned parking lot.  We proceeded about a mile to our destination after a few wrong turns.  Once there we found out what the crowd was about.  Seems as if we had stumbled into one of the biggest music festivals since Woodstock!  This is the 30th anniversary for WE Fest.  Every year since 1983 some of the best known Country Music stars and bands come to this part of the world for a 3 day festival.  There are few hotels of any size in this area so about 100-150 thousand people all come here to camp, drink, ???, and listen to music.  Three day tickets start at $165 and single day are $99.  This year Alabama was to be there as the headliner since they were there the first year and on subsequent 10 year anniversaries.  Check out this link to see what this is about.  I would never have imagined this many people coming this far north into farm country to listen to this much music.  Needless to say we were lucky it was Tuesday and we could get a spot for the night at Country Campground.  This place has a lot going for it – big sites, grassy areas, big playgrounds for kids, lots of room to let the girls run.  But a few drawbacks include the turkey farm just south of them – Phew!  And there are few trees so the sun can get pretty warm even this far north.  We spent our night and hit the road early to “get outta Dodge” before the rest of the masses showed up.  Driving along Hwy 2 east for miles were signs saying “stock up here for WE Fest”.  Lots of drinking to be done!

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