In and Around Donnelly

Once we had a breather we drove into McCall up the road about 13 miles. Now this is really a resort town built around Payette Lake.  Very crowded with bikini clad women and macho guys riding Seadoos and in boats of all kinds everywhere since this was still the 4th of July weekend.  They have marinas, restaurants, shops, and a lot of really nice homes built on the water’s edge. Here is a shot from the marina patio.  They even have a nice sandy beach for smaller swimmers.  We stopped at the Marina for a drink with all the rest of the rich, idle folks then ended up at Lardo’s Grill and Saloon for dinner.  They have a neat collection of antiques including scales and cash registers. And good food!

Who would have thought all this was up here? Their main business is water sports in the summer and skiing in the winter and people come here from Boise and Coeur d’Alene as well as the rest of the country.

This is not a real person but cute!

We also drove over to Roseberry, ID about 5 miles away.  It is a small community founded in late 1880s by Finnish settlers.  There are several buildings here from that period and the old general store is a really neat museum. 

Everywhere you look there are herds of cattle in lush pastures with water running through them in little streams.  The Finns came here because it was a lot like home for them and after a few years some left as the winters were too harsh and they lost some of their herds.  (Harsher than Finland, Yikes!)  They are having a 2 day festival here over the weekend and will be hundreds here with crafts and music.  We will miss the crowds!  They actually have weddings and reunions here and other events since it is so neat and clean.  Check out this site for some good info.

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