In & Around Boise

On advice from a fellow RVer we drove into the Boise area on Hwy 84 then proceeded to the Boise/Meridian KOA in Meridian which is actually a suburb of Boise.  It has an unusual way to enter as it is on a side street off of a divided section of town with one way streets on either side.  We finally maneuvered into the park having already made our reservations.  It looked appealing at first until we were assigned our spot in the second section of the park.  Could they have made the sites smaller or closer together?  We actually could not bend our rig enough to back into our assigned spot without hitting a truck next to us or the utilities in our spot.  So back to the front office for another option.  Ended up on back row next to some folks that have been here a long time – years perhaps.  Our truck is  actually parked under our awning to clear the street in front and we had to be careful not to hit the truck door on the 5th wheel wall.  But according to locals this is the best in town.  Best part of all, we finally had good cell and internet connections so will spend our time here catching up on business and research and blogging.

Boise is the home of Albertson’s Grocery chain and they are everywhere.  Also have WinCo Foods here which is an employee owned warehouse type food store.  An amazing place and the aisles are stacked with products you recognize and are called the “Wall of Values” and unlike Costco or Sam’s you can buy one box of cereal!  Then you bag your own purchases!  And prices are low! We got some local cherries for $1.98 a pound.

Boise is also home of Micron Technology, one of the nation’s leading chip manufacturers. As a result of several purchases and mergers between February and July 2012, Micron currently owns 24% of the memory market in the world.  Way to go!

Many of the neighborhoods here are comprised of nice homes, with green lawns and beautiful flowers. Thank goodness for the irrigation canals that flow everywhere. In Boise, irrigation water is diverted from the Boise River and distributed by large irrigation canals and smaller irrigation laterals to local neighborhoods throughout the city. Subdivisions built in the last 10 years are eligible to hook up to the pressure irrigation system. The Boise Public Works Department has design standards for constructing pressure irrigation systems in new subdivisions.  Most importantly the pressure irrigation does not come from the drinking water supply so can be used to grow beautiful plants.

There is also a large Hewlett Packard plant here built in 1974 where they manufacture the useful HP LaserJet printers.  They employ several thousand employees in the Boise area.

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