Leaving Montana

Next morning we drove over to the Interpretive Center at Fort Peck to see a great exhibit on the entire project.  And they have some of the dinosaur bones that were dug up near this construction project.  Seems as if there are several dinosaur digs in Montana that have produced some of the most complete fossils of T Rex.  We finished about 10 AM and headed south on Hwy 24 to get to I-94 and make our way out of Montana.  We had planned to continue on Hwy 2 but were told by several people that Williston, ND has been taken over by the oil field workers and there are no decent places to stay.  So changed the route to go east on a faster road which is an interstate.

We made it into Dickinson, ND by about 5 PM Friday evening.  This is a rapidly expanding city of about 22,000 people due to the oil patch but at least it is clean and has lots of shopping and restaurants.  The North Dakota oil boom is an ongoing period of extracting oil in western North Dakota that started in late 2008.  In the backdrop of the 2008–2012 global financial crises, the oil boom has resulted in enough jobs to give North Dakota the lowest unemployment rate in the United States.  As of 2012, the state is the 2nd largest oil producer in the U.S. with an average of 575,490 barrels per day. The current prediction is 800,000 barrels per day within three years.  Additional predictions forecast 35,000 to 40,000 new wells to be completed in the next 16 years, averaging between 2,100 to 2,500 wells per year.  As a result housing is a BIG issue and many workers are resorting to buying nice RVs of any kind and locating their families as close to work as possible.  They are well off, have good jobs and money to spend so the economy here is doing well.  We checked into North Park Campground and luckily found our spot on the back row near some trees.  This is a very big park with many workers but still fairly quiet and they have full hookups.  In addition there are some nice manufactured homes being located at the front of the campground.  And I suspect a waiting list for them.  By then the Pack Leader was felling pretty bad as he has apparently come down with a bladder infection.  So we were glad for 50 amps and Air Conditioning since North Dakota is still having a heat wave at 89 degrees.  Saturday morning I went to nearby Walmart for soups and juices then came back to do some cleaning chores. Kept the Leader cool, full of cranberry juice and some antibiotics for a few days and after many naps, he is slowly recovering.

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