Leaving Texas – Day Two

On Friday morning as we drove west the fog cleared and there was a large brick structure looming on the horizon. We pulled off to check it out and let the girls have a free run. It is the remains of the Toyah High School built in 1912.  Got some good picts but hard to show the pigeons that now roost there.  Some interesting history about this little town can be found at http://www.texasescapes.com/TOWNS/Toyah_Texas/Toyah-Texas-2.htm#history.  It is listed as an almost ghost town!  But we did see a few hardy folk near the little post office.  And a couple of men picking through some rubble of what was the local bank, also brick, destroyed by a toronado a few years ago.

Then drove on through the oil patch and past towns where every flat space and parking lot is turned into an RV park. Heading through Van Horn it is clear that the economy is booming here and we know it is because of the $3.72 a gallon we paid for diesel.

We lunched at a Texas rest stop and had some good scenery out our side window.  We even took a quick trip into Fort Hancock.  Nothing there but it is known as the town where Red passed through on his way to meet Andy in the “Shawshank Redemption”.  Then continued on heading to Deming, NM.  As we passed through El Paso a warning signal on the truck showed we were having a problem with the diesel emission fluid system. So we slowed down through Las Cruces and finally crept into an RV park in Deming, NM. It was listed as the best +55 resort in New Mexico so figured we qualified.  It was called 81 Palms Resort (did not see 81 palms).  They neglected to say they were within 500 feet of the I-10 and about 750 feet from the railroad.  So it was a place to sleep but with one eye open!  Good – it was flat and wide open and clean. Bad – next morning a front had come in and showed temp of 41 and wind chill of about 20. Hard to disconnect our lines and go in that kind of weather but we persisted.  Funniest thing was the girls discovered big Tumbleweeds in the field next to the RV resort. They actually tried to catch them or head them off as the wind blew them.  Sure gave them some exercise before we loaded and left that morning.

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