Marathon deluge

Monday night we stopped at the Marathon Motel & RV right up the street from the Historic Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas.   Check it out:  This motel was built in the 1940s, is being restored and is a neat place. We left the truck hooked up, connected water etc. then ate supper and watched a great sunset out our back window. That is when we heard the first train go by.  Oops, another one of those noisy nights. Thank goodness it was at least across and on the south side of the highway. So we prepared for bed then about midnight the wind came up and it began to rain.  No, it was pouring and shaking our rig.  This part of Texas is so dry from the drought that they go crazy when it rains. Sure enough the next morning we confirmed that we were safe and the gravel had stayed under our rig so we could go ahead and leave.  We pulled out onto the highway to go eat breakfast and parked on the street next to the tracks. As we walked about we discovered few places open for breakfast – some were cute but who knows,  even a Burnt Biscuit might be good.  But not open that day.  So we walked on down to Johnny Bs and ordered a basic breakfast, served on a foam plate with a paper napkin. Then we heard that there was almost 2 inches of rain that night. WhooHoo that is great.  After breakfast we walked across the tracks and down a block to the Gage Gardens, what a treat in the desert!  And it is actually being added to all the time. Sure is going to improve that area of town as it mostly historic adobe homes or ruins. Have to admire the Gage owner for all their efforts. The hotel is very neat and we had been in there a few years ago so wanted to see something else this trip.  Check them out here:  We could have had breakfast there but needed to get moving onto the next adventure so packed up and drove on west.

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