Moosehead Lake & Greenville, ME

After our daughter Kelly arrived on the Saturday before Labor Day, we planned several day trips, one of which was to Greenville, ME and the Moosehead Lake area. Moosehead Lake is the largest lake in Maine and the largest mountain lake in the eastern United States. Situated in the Longfellow Mountains in the Maine Highlands Region, the lake is the source of the Kennebec River. Towns that border the lake include Greenville to the south and Rockwood to the northwest. There are over 80 islands in the lake, the largest being Sugar Island. The lake is approx. 40 by 10 miles with a shoreline of 518 miles.  We decided to visit Greenville as it was the closest to our campground.  Our destination for lunch was the Black Frog Inn and Restaurant.  We had been here on a previous trip and thought it had a good vibe.  So we went out back and sat on the deck for the view of the lake, 73 degrees and fresh air.  And they have a unique menu which is fun reading.  Check it out!

After lunch we walked about and saw some of the area and shops then began our trip home.

We passed a covered bridge at Guilford, ME which was originally built in 1830 and rebuilt 4 times due to flooding as recently as 1990. It is one of only 9 remaining covered bridges in Maine. Guilford has a very interesting past going back to the 1800s.  In late September of 1909, a boom strung across the river at Guilford Manufacturing Company snapped, and, with a loud roar, about two and a half million feet of logs went on a rapid journey down the Piscataquis.  The thundering logs swept everything before them until they reached the dam just below the bridge. At this point on the river were located the mills of the Piscataquis Woolen Company and the M. L. Hussey Woolen Company.  With water rushing over the dam, logs were hurled directly through the windows of the lower floors of both mills.  Hardly a whole window casement in either mill was left.  The big boilers in both mills were under water.  The old mill remains as does the tall smoke stack.  We actually took this picture across from the mill and shows part of the river. They also have a Veteran’s Memorial here with a Union soldier statue on top.  An old cemetery near here had graves in it dating back as far as 1822.   Amazing how old this part of our country is!

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