Neat things in Fort Davis

Wednesday we took a tour of downtown Fort Davis which is not really very big.  Pretty courthouse with 4 turnstiles to enter the area. They were placed there to keep the burros out. Originally, trade between the US and Mexico was conducted by traders using the burros as pack animals to carry the trade goods. When the burros were replaced by wagons, the traders let the burros run loose. The burros made the court house grounds part of their home. They became such a nuisance that the locals built the fence and the four turnstiles around the court house to keep them out. Still see some burros on the ranches nearby. The nice green courthouse lawn features a memorial to Sgt Manuel Gonzalez, “Fort Davis’ One-Man Army” who won a Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross and Purple Heart for his actions at Salerno and Monte Casino during the invasion of Italy in World War II.  They have named the street in front of the Post Office for him. Then we walked down the street past the Hotel Limpia built in 1912 and slightly restored for weary travelers. Actually has two buildings and both are neatly furnished with vintage furniture and rockers on the porches. Then we proceeded down the main street to the Old Texas Inn, Hotel and Restaurant which actually had an old fashioned soda fountain in it with bar stools and Blue Bell ice cream. So naturally we had to hop up and have a hand made milkshake.  Yummy!  They also have a small gift shop and serve meals and good burgers here.  When we finished there we walked back to the truck and returned to our quiet place at Crow’s Nest too full of milkshake for supper!

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