Onwards to Fort Stockton

Monday we hooked up and drove into Terlinqua and north on Hwy 118 into Alpine and then on Hwy 67 into Fort Stockton.  On the way we had another Ford moment!  Seems as if the display panel said we needed to check our engine coolant additive.  Since we had no clue what to do about that and since the book says it has to be a special coolant and tested with a special device, as soon as we got to the Fort Stockton RV Park and dropped our rig, we headed back into town to the Ford dealer.  This time we were lucky, it is only a notice to have this service performed so when we get home in it goes for service.

The Fort Stockton RV Park was such a great place we stayed 3 days.  They have great pull thru sites with trees and grass and internet and TV reception was good.  A little bit out east of town but far enough from I-10 to be quiet!  Probably one of the busiest RV parks I’ve seen and every day there were many rigs coming and going.  There are a number of people there who will call this home for a few years as they are working in the oil patch area and there are no homes available anywhere for rent and many are in poor condition.  They live in a $400K RV and have new trucks to drive so this park is very popular for them.  Some have even planted new grass and built small patios with plants to make it better.  They also have a small restaurant here for two meals a day.

The first day we drove into Fort Stockton and visited the old fort.  Another surprise was we found out that O.W. Williams was a lawyer and surveyor in Fort Stockton in Pecos County near where the government built the fort in 1859.  Williams acquired large amounts of land in Pecos County, and his law practice grew considerably after the discovery of oil in West Texas.  He was keenly interested in the oil business, leased most of his land, and prepared leases and contracts for others.  Two of his sons, Waldo and Clayton, were involved in the drilling of the first oil wells in Reagan County.  He was the grandfather of Clayton Williams Jr.  Clayton Senior and Junior were Texas Aggies and Jr was former candidate for Texas governor and very wealthy from his holdings in oil and gas.  There are several buildings here that were officer’s quarters and are restored and furnished in addition to the school and church and jail house.  One of the houses on the corner of the property is a private residence nicely restored and owned by a Williams descendent.  The courthouse and main part of town is just south of this so we drove around to see it as well.  We drove over to Walmart to pick up a few items and this has to be the worst one we ever went into for lack of service.  When we mentioned this to people at the RV park they said that it is impossible to get hourly employees here and there are “Help Wanted” signs all over.  The oil patch has affected everyone.  We also did laundry in town and washed the bugs off the truck.  We decided while parked here to undertake the RV cleanup.  Now that is an undertaking!  It is almost 13 feet tall and 36 feet long so washing it without using a lot of water was interesting!  We have a bottle of pink stuff from Tweety’s RV supply that you add 2 oz into a 5 gallon bucket of water and then using our long handled brushes we scrubbed and wiped every square inch.  Whew, what a job.  But it turned out a success and looks good, now maybe the bugs will slide off!

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