R&R in Mesa, AZ

The 2 Rs stand for rest and repair!  We made it into Mesa about 4:30 PM on Saturday and lucked out by finding an RV park that had a space.  There are over 26 parks in this one town and some as large as 1500 spaces, mostly full. We were able to slide into a nice quiet, tight spot in an older park of only 78 spaces. On the way we called the nearest large Ford dealer and were set up for 7 AM Monday. We spent Sunday going to Camping World to see if we needed any RV things, Home Depot, filled our truck with good fuel and picked up a new rack for beside the door for keys and leashes at Bed Bath and Beyond. Came home and slow cooked some ribs Wayne had previously smoked, fixed potato salad and ate. Then we sat outside and watched the Super Bowl on our new 27 inch flat screen mounted in the basement.  Not a bad day! This picture shows our small but neat area and the patio.  Monday Wayne dropped the truck at Berge Ford and ended up with a rental while they fixed a small oil leak and checked out the emission system. They had to wait for a new seal but promised it by 2 PM Tuesday.  All under warranty so that is good.   We found a neat fruit stand and bought 5 lbs of grapefruit for $1.00, strawberries for $.50, lots of veggies and 2 bags of oranges for $3.00. Healthy eating for awhile!  We are set to go to the next stop on Wednesday.  And our journey continues!

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