Running in the weeds

The thing that Basenjis enjoy most is running wide open and we try to make sure the girls get to do this every morning.  But seems as if there are some weeds in this area near the island that really are hard on them.  Friday morning we noticed that Maggie was definitely having a reaction as she was covered with red rash and whelps.  And Tia had a dreaded flea.  Probably picked up while resting outside on the ground under a big live oak at Prairie Mountain School on FM 2323. So off to the local vet in Ingram (who is another Aggie Vet). She checked Maggie out and gave her a steroid shot along with a bottle of Aloe and Oatmeal shampoo.  Then we made a quick trip into Kerrvile for some groceries and to pick up prescriptions and eat lunch at Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant.  Great food and nice atmosphere and prices are right!

Then when we got home it was my duty to once again bathe a wild Basenji. I ought to get extra pay for this but once again I perservered and they both were clean and soothed.  In a few days they will be treated with flea medicine along their upper back and neck from the Kerrville Ranch and Pet Store on Hwy 27.  As long as we are out in the country and woods they need to be protected.

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