Stalled by a Few Rocks

Sorry for the long pause in our travels, but the Basenjis were sidelined by the Leader having surgery in September 2013 to remove some large kidney stones (the rocks). Recovery was slow but complete.  A short trip to College Station late that month to help another Grandson get his Aggie ring was followed by a drive over to Llano where we stayed once again for a week at Riverway RV Park. Our favorite spot allows for setup and relaxing while watching Aggie football on TV. We left the RV there, made quick trip back for doctor appointments then returned in late October to move the rig to the deer lease near Brady. Had to set up a Man Camp for deer hunting with grandsons. Basenjis love the wide open spaces but HATE stickers.  The lease is covered in them so the girls spend a lot of time on the rugs!! Sissies! Deer passing nearby make them forget for a few minutes but back they come.

Later in the season we drive back to eat catfish at the Burger Barn and enjoy seeing the Christmas lights across the Llano River. Luck was on our side when the weather changed rapidly and we had to hook up for the return trip.  Dec 11, 2013 we drained everything, winterized quickly, drove without stopping and made it back home in time to store the RV even as ice was forming on the front cap.  That was close!  And that ended our adventures for the year 2013.

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