Taking time for more updates

While in Tyler last month I sprayed a stemware rack from Bed Bath and Beyond with oil finished bronze paint and let it dry outside.  Now we finally got to hang it where we planned.  Works well and our acrylic stems are finally out of the cabinet and more accessible. We just added a small bungee cord to the exit side towards the sink and it secures them for travel.  Not in the way of anything!  A small jar of bungee cords from Walmart has 20 of them and good for every purpose.  Even used them to secure the coffeemaker to the small rail near the end of the counter.  And several help secure the PVC section we use to support the sewer hose each trip.  Good purchase!

Remember the pantry door that would not open fully due to the fancy trim blocks Keystone added to the top of each slide?  Well, we finally decided to tackle this issue.  We carefully removed all the blocks and the back pieces of oak.  Then we  inverted and positioned each block onto the corner area using Liquid Nails. Without the back pieces each one then lays flat allowing the doors to open fully. Simple fix and looks good! Here is how it looks after we did our work.

A place to hang clothing overnight was a problem in the master bedroom.  We thought about this one for several months.  Then the solution appeared right under the 19″ wall mounted TV.  We purchased a 3″x24″ piece of poplar from Home Depot, routed the edges, sanded and stained it. Then we mounted 3 oiled bronze double hooks on the board and then attached it to the wall. Bingo! we can hang our stuff every night and looks good.

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