Terlingua Tales

On Saturday we drove on into Terlingua and ate dinner at a cafe where we could get some diesel as well.  Did not open until 5 PM and there were motorcycle riders everywhere so we had to wait a few minutes.  Seems as if they were having a Poker Run that weekend – Which means they ride motorcycles from one place to another and play a seven card poker hand as they stop along the way which takes all day and they get a T-shirt!  OKAY!??

Typical local "art"

Terlingua is mainly a few dusty streets and lots of old trailers and RVs parked just about anywhere with a few bars here and there built out of just about anything available.  Supposedly a lot of artists and free spirits live here mostly in the winter.  It also gets really hot here in the summer!  Temperatures were over 100 degrees in April while we were there!  The only other claim to fame for this area is the Annual Terlingua Chili Cookoff http://www.chili.org/terlingua.html held on the north side of the highway in a large dirt parking lot in November when it cools down.  Sunday mornings we eat out and this Sunday was no different.  We ate at India’s, a local “mom & pop” eatery where the clientele do everything for themselves except cook.  The biggest burrito ever seen is concocted here – mostly previously frozen hash browns, few eggs and some cheese rolled in a saddle blanket sized tortilla but the motorcycle pack leader suggested one avoid it. Should have listened!

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