Texas State Bison Herd

On Thursday, April 25 we decided to drive the southern route from Copper Breaks through Matador to Turkey.  A great drive and gave us a chance stop in Paducah and eat a burger and fresh cut fries at the Delicious Café.  Once in Turkey, we witnessed the crowds gathering and RVs looking for parking while the bands tuned up at the “Slab” (a foundation of a former building) where they will actually perform the next 3 days.  We took some pictures of the Bob Wills monument, sat and listened to a few of the songs and watched the dancers swing around the floor. (click here to view a short video) Bob Wills dancers video Then we decided to drive out to Caprock Canyons State Park at Quitaque (kitty quay) about 10 miles west of Turkey.  As we drove into the gate area we were greeted by part of the Texas State Bison Herd.  A great story of conservation!  In the late 1800s Charles Goodnight and his wife realized something should be done to preserve the largest land animal in North America.  They roped a few calves and acquired a few others, soon growing the herd to about 200 head by the 1920s.  The timely formation of Goodnight’s herd and the formation of four other private herds, along with government protection of a wild herd at Yellowstone National Park, saved the species from extinction. Those few herds provided the founding stock that produced nearly all plains bison in existence today.  Goodnight donated or sold bison to several early bison conservation efforts, such as those at Yellowstone, the National Bison Range and Canada’s national parks. He sold animals to numerous other parks, private individuals and zoos, including “Buffalo Bill” Cody and the New York Zoological Park, which was instrumental in establishing the first U.S. bison preserves.   Read more about this amazing story here.  http://www.tpwmagazine.com/archive/2011/mar/ed_2/

And we agree they live in an amazing place – over 1000 acres in this park with rugged and beautiful scenery all around.

We decided the trip was a successful first run and returned home quietly on Sunday to place the rig in storage pending the next venture in a few weeks.

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