Time out in Tonapah

We left Mesa Wednesday morning and drove on I-10 past Palo Verde Nuclear facility.  As we headed out of Phoenix we noticed Tonapah on the map.  Wayne has read many of Louis Lamour’s western novels where he mentioned this town. So we took that exit about lunchtime.  Not much there now as the town is mostly a few buildings and two filling stations. But we did eat lunch in Tonapah Joe’s place.  Been here for years and has served as a community gathering spot. It is under new management so hopefully will become viable again.  The menu needs help but we did enjoy the break.

After that we entered California.  A neat border checkpoint.  We had planned to stay in Blythe on the Colorado River but when we checked at Mayflower Park we discovered they did not have sewer connections and the spots were fairly close so on we traveled.  On both sides of the highway for miles there is desert, kinda pretty and very desolate.  Just imagine, it has been like this for hundreds of years!  Last time I was through here was in the early 60s and still looks the same. And after listening to the weather in Dallas it was good to know we were much warmer,  in the 70s.

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